Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D’s Ali Larter on Being Claire Redfield

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For some people, returning to the same role day after day can become a chore. For Ali Larter, who plays Claire Redfield in Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D, it was something she was excited to embark on again. We spoke to Larter about reprising the role. While critics might have rated Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D poorly, fans still rushed to the theaters. The movie had the largest opening out of all the Resident Evil movies, beating out its closest contender by over $20 million dollars this weekend according to Box Office Mojo.

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What’s it like changing from being a blonde to a redhead again?

Ali Larter: (Laughs) I love changing my hair color, I love cutting my hair. After this baby, I’m going to do something new.

So, were you excited to return to the franchise?

AL: I was really excited when Paul invited me back, but I wanted to make sure that it was something fresh and new. You always want to stay on the forefront of what’s new and fresh.

Were you excited that Claire had some great action scenes in Resident Evil: Afterlife?

AL: I was shooting Heroes simultaneously so that was interesting. I was excited, number one, to have one great action sequence. Especially because Clare starts the movie so weak, and to see her seize her power back was really amazing.

How was training for the fight scenes?

AL: It’s fun to learn. I played sports my whole life and I’m very athletic. I’m very comfortable doing action scenes. I hike and I go running with my dogs. I play tennis and I do yoga. I also watch football, eat chicken dip and pizza, but four times a week I push it.

What was the most tiring part about it?

AL: I didn’t have to learn a lot of martial arts, but learning how to do wire work was hard. They lift you up from the floor. You need to be connected with your body and your core. It takes a different set of skills to do that Cirque du Soleil legwork!

What were the differences in shooting action scenes in 3D?

AL: We shot in Toronto on a very cold soundstage. When you are shooting in 3D, a lot of the fight sequences really needed to be part of a learning curve. You can’t cheat like you can normally because it’s fully dimensional and you can see everything. We were getting as close as you can to connecting (the punches).

A lot was said about Angelina Jolie being one of the first female action stars. But, you and Milla Jovovich have been playing female leads in the Resident Evil series for quite a bit now. How do you feel about portraying a female action star?

AL: I think it’s fresh; it’s a different perspective. We have a huge following in Asia, especially with women. They really embrace that there’s two female leads and we don’t need the boys. These are two strong people that are survivors that do whatever they can to survive and keep as many people alive. It doesn’t matter if they’re guys or girls.

What about Claire specifically? Have you played the games? What was the big inspiration for portraying her?

AL: I’ve never played the games. But, we wanted to create a character that the fans would really enjoy. Paul (W.S. Anderson) and Milla really think about a way to deliver what you expect. This is really their franchise.

So, what have the fans said about Claire? Have you had any crazy fans saying the movies are not following the series correctly?

AL: Actually, no! They’ve enjoyed how (Paul, Milla and the cast and crew) portrayed Claire Redfield. Those fans are loyal and very supportive, and they’re also included in the process. They connect with the fans of it. It’s very closely correlated with the video game.

What did you think about the final product?

AL: I liked it, but it’s definitely for a for a specific audience. When I watched it, and it was this constant barrage of gunfire and screaming, it was way too sensorial and overwhelming for me. Right now, I’m pregnant.

Will you want to see the movie again after you give birth?

AL: Oh, yes! (Pregnancy) has made me feel really girly. I’ve been watching Marley and Me and Notting Hill and all these sappy romantic comedies.

Has the baby had changed a lot of things?

AL: Yes! (Milla and my) talks went from what champagne we drink to what baby websites we look at. She’s really a modern woman from the way she balances it all from acting to fashion to music.

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