Launch Day Swag #2: Pimp Our Halo: Reach Coverage and Win the Legendary Edition

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Today’s the big day that multiplayer fanatics and fans of the Halo-verse have been waiting for, when they can finally get their hands on the last Halo game produced by Bungie. We at Techland have been covering the game in-depth for months now and are placing the best of our coverage in one handy place for you guys to enjoy:

But, wait, there’s more: if you start following @techland on Twitter and retweet this post, you’ll be entered into a pool of people eligible to win a brand-new, sealed Legendary Edition of Halo: Reach.  One randomly chosen person will win the big box o’ Halo and another will get the handsome silver suitcase that the press mailings went out in. The suitcase also includes the exclusive armor code and the limited-edition silver Halo Xbox 360 game controller.

So, get to following and tweeting, people. Contest ends in 24 hours.