Rumor PaTroll: Sadly, Steve Jobs is Not A Ninja; News On Spielberg-produced TV series

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010 –

Early edition coming right up

Steve Jobs Ninja Throwing Stars Story Untrue, says Apple

Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling called Techland to address the Steve Jobs ninja throwing star story. According to Bloomberg, Jobs was stopped at Kansai International Airport for trying to carrying a deadly weapon – the ninja throwing stars – on board his private plane.

Dowling confirmed that Jobs was there in Japan during that time frame, but the story as described in the article were not true. He also confirmed that Jobs will not be boycotting Japan.

“Steve did visit Japan this summer for a vacation in Kyoto, but the incidents described at the airport are pure fiction,” Dowling said in an emailed statement. “Steve had a great time and hopes to visit Japan again soon.”

Spielberg’s Terra Nova May Be Lead By Stephen Lang

Deadline Hollywood reports Avatar bad guy Stephen Lang is in talks to star in Fox’s Terra Nova. The Stephen Spielberg-produced TV series is futuristic prehistoric drama about the Terra Nova settlement, led by Lang’s character Frank Taylor. What that really means is in the year 2059, Earth is about to be destroyed so scientists devise a way to send people back to prehistoric times in order to colonize and rebuild.  The script for the pilot was leaked online and gathered favorable reviews. And, yes, there are dinosaurs.