Google To Take On iTunes?

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Google has been talking to major record labels about starting their own digital music store, reports. The service will be like iTunes and involve digital downloads that you can buy as well as a subscription-based cloud-based digital locker to store your purchases.

The locker allows you to access your music from any Internet-connected device by streaming or downloading. If the music download store comes to fruition, Google locker subscribers would be able to transfer their purchases to their cloud-based account. Right now, the digital locker costs $25 a year.

You could hear a full preview of the song once before downloading, after which you only get a 30-second clip on each subsequent listen. There’s no talk on how much the tracks would cost, only that it seems Google would purchase the albums from the major labels for the¬†wholesale¬†price. This normally means $7 an album and 70 cents for most tracks, which translates to $10 an album and .99 cents per song for the consumer.

So, do you think the Google Machine is strong enough to take down the iTunes giant?