Run Your Own iPhone-based ZipCar Service with Getaround

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If you own a car and you’re sick—SICK!—of watching it lazily sit out on your street while you’re not driving it, you can make it earn its keep by renting it out by the hour, a la ZipCar.

While there’s no shortage of ZipCar competitors, Getaround appears to be one of the newest. The service is still in beta but offers car owners the option to install a simple "CarKit" that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter, allowing it to be unlocked remotely by a renter via an iPhone application. You can arrange an old fashioned key swap, too.

Pricing is set by the car owners, and would-be renters can be prescreened before handing over the keys. Rented cars fall under Getaround’s own nationwide insurance policy while they’re being rented, so you’re theoretically off the hook if some stranger wraps your Prius around a tree.

While it’s not quite open to the general public yet, Getaround claims, "sharing your car just 15 hours per week can earn you an extra $350 each month."

[via TechCrunch]

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