TwitChange: Who’s Worth Bank and Who’s Getting Coinage?

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An online auction to raise money for the situation in Haiti is combining celebrity Twitter accounts and fundraising. TwitChange is the first ever celebrity Twitter auction. You can bid on your favorite celebrity to follow you, retweet you and/or @ mention you on twitter. They’re claiming it’s like a “modern day autograph.” It actually cooler because everyone will see the tweet instead of just you framing the piece of paper… but then again, everyone will know that you forked over money to get that Tweet. The auction started today and will run until September 25. (More on Techland: What Does The New Twitter Actually Do? A Picture Guide For The Updated Features)

How much would you actually pay to have you favorite star notice you online? When we checked:

– Michael Sykes was only going for $0.99
– You could get MC Hammer for just $10.50
– For $53 you can get Yanni to follow you for 90 days, retweet one of your tweets and tweet at you once
– Neil Gainman is not too shabby at $162.59 for a retweet
–  If you want Justin Bieber, you’re going to have to pay more than $2,325
– Nathan Fillion is close behind Bieber though. He’s currently at $2,175
– Alyssa Milano is the number one girl at $3,050
– Dan White  from the UFC is beating everyone at $3550
– Kanye West is listed at priceless… just kidding

While I would donate money to charity and especially for Haiti, I don’t think @Tweet is worth any money – unless it was from Kanye. But, that’s just me. Would you pay to have your favorite celeb follow you?

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