Looxcie Takes Oversharing to the Next Level

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In an age of oversharing thanks to services like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, etc., do we really need to see what you’re actually seeing and doing, too? Looxcie thinks so.

The douchey Bluetooth looking earpiece is actually a camera that’s constantly recording (up to four hours at 320×480 at 15fps) whatever it is that you’re seeing. Once you hit the four-hour mark it begins to dump the oldest footage to make room. When something happens that you feel the need to share, it grabs the last 30 seconds of video and beams it to your Android device over Bluetooth. From there you can edit and share with the world.

Looxcie won’t really compete with the likes of Contour or GoPro but this might actually be useful for traveling journalists, law enforcement or anyone that actually needs to record things constantly.

Did Aperture Science have anything to do with this?