Proyas’ Paradise Lost: Classic To Become 3D Awesomeness?

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When John Milton wrote “Paradise Lost” in the 17th Century, it’s clear that one thought was predominant in his mind: “I hope that, four centuries from now, that guy that directed I, Robot will turn this into a kick-ass movie… in 3D.” Today, Milton’s dream has finally started to come true.

Variety reports that Alex Proyas has signed on to direct a movie version of the poem, which will repurpose Milton’s epic (in both subject matter and length) poem as an effects bonanza focusing on the war in Heaven between the forces of Michael and Lucifer, noting that it “will include aerial warfare” and possibly be shot in 3D. Unsurprisingly, that whole thing about the fall of man and Adam and Eve seems to have disappeared from the screenplay (from five different writers – including Lawrence Kasdan and The Day The Earth Stood Still remake’s Stuart Hazeldine – because, hey, it’s an epic), although whether it was for fear of seeming too Christian-centric for marketing purposes or to leave material for a sequel is open to question.

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