AirScouter Projects a 16-inch Display Directly onto Your Retina

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Here’s a quick glimpse into what may be the future of head-mounted displays. Recently shown off in Japan, Brother’s AirScouter projects the equivalent of a 16-inch display directly onto your retina.

A company representative states, “This display creates a mysterious effect, making it look as if there’s a 16-inch screen floating one meter in front of the eyes, and the scenery behind the screen seems transparent as well.”

The company expects that the technology will be used in industrial settings at first, specifically for onsite technicians to reference product manuals. There’s also head-mounted camera built into the frame of the glasses, which can be used by field workers to send real-time imagery back to headquarters.

“This makes it possible to work in collaboration, while receiving instructions from experts in the office,” said the Brother representative.

On the consumer side, you’ll apparently be able to connect a phone to the display one day in order to project your handset’s screen out in front of you.

[DigInfo via Gizmodo]

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