A New Bill & Ted Movie? Yes, Please

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I know, I know: A third Bill and Ted movie really shouldn’t be a good idea. The original was a collection of throwaway gags and Doctor Who references made over 20 years ago, after all, and both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are too old to play braindead heavy metal fans at 46 and 45 years old, respectively. And yet… I can’t quite get over the idea that it could be kind of awesome, especially if the point of the movie is that both characters haven’t learned anything from their Excellent Adventures or Bogus Journey and, instead, just wasted their lives. Here’s Reeves talking about a potential plot that’s been discussed:

They were thinking that the pressure of having to write the perfect song to save the world has driven (Bill and Ted) crazy. But now they’ve got kids and they’ve kind of missed out on raising their kids because they’ve been trying to write the perfect song that’s really going to save the world.

Is it wrong that I want to see that movie (Admittedly, with the understanding that they will end up writing that perfect song and save the world – I’m not looking for a total downer, here)? I’ll admit it, it’s weird enough that the idea of another Bill and Ted movie is even a possibility, considering the different career paths of Reeves and Winter – Those’d be, in order, filmstar with penchant for terrible movies, and filmmaker who made those live-action Ben 10 movies for Cartoon Network – but let’s face it: Isn’t that even more reason to do it?

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