Peek 9 E-mail Device Promises Everything But Voice and Web

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The first Peek device launched two years ago. At its very core, it resembled a thin BlackBerry that only did e-mail—no web surfing, no calls, just e-mail. It was priced relatively aggressively at $100 and commanded a $20-per-month service plan, though no long-term contract was required.

The newest version of the device, the Peek 9, has just been announced.

The hardware looks very similar to the original, though the company is now touting built-in Facebook and Twitter functionality, RSS subscriptions, maps and weather applications, Exchange ActiveSync compatibility, and more—basically a lot of what you’d get with a basic smartphone, except there’s no web browser and no ability to make phone calls.

Pricing for the Peek 9 starts at $70, with service plans running between $10 and $20 per month—if you prepay for two years of service, for instance, it works out to $10 per month. Standard month-to-month service is $20.

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