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Tuesday, September 21, 2010 –

Quote To Live By:

“What is this? This is rubbish! We should be listening to firm young melodies, kicking tunes, thumping bass! God I sound so stupid!” – Time from Spaced

Up Front:

Soon You’ll Be Able To Enter the “Immersive Virtual World” of Michael Jackson, If That’s What You Really Want To Do [The Onion: AV Club]


Disk Drives in Servers Could Help Detect Earthquakes [Wired: Gadget Lab]
How To Replace A 1st Generation Nano Battery [Unplggd]
How To Record the Cops [Reason]
Gmail’s Android App Gets A Froyo-Flavored Update [Mashable]
New Twitter, Facebook Features Portend Spamming Spikes [USA Today: Technology Live]


Hydro Thunder Hurricane Getting Crazier With New Levels [Destructoid]
Q & A With Epic Mickey Producer [Go Nintendo]
Speaker: Children Exposed To More Graphic Images In Games [Chronicle Herald]
New Super Street Figher IV Costumes Come Out In Autumn [Siliconera]


Science Behind The Parting of the Red Sea [ Telegraph]
Community Exclusive: Twittersode To Precede Season Premiere [EW]
Netflix Readies Canadian Launch [Variety]
As Frozen Leaks Online, Its Writer-Director Assumes the Fetal Position [NY Mag: Vulture]


EBay Auction Chief Quits [WSJ]
Dan Savage Starts YouTube Channel to Help Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans Teens [It Gets Better Project]
AT&T Says Half A Million iPads Use Its Network [Reuters]
Adobe’s Third Quarter Solid, But Outlook is Light [ZD Net]
Large Hadron Collider Spies Hints of Infant Universe [New Scientist]
IBM’s Chief Says Consumers Aren’t Sold on ‘Smart Grid’ [Buisnessweek]


Tweet, Tweet:

Nerdy Want:

The Actual Stargate from Stargate SG-1 (Propworx, On Auction September 25 -26)

Daily Dinosaur:

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