T- Mobile Customers Blocked From Texting For Weed

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Apparently T-Mobile has been blocking some text messages that contain questionable material.

Don’t go apologize to your significant other for that one time you yelled at them for making you wait an hour at the restaurant just yet – plus they could have at least called! It seems the messages in question come from an Ez Texting client, according to the New York Times. They send out messages for legalmarijuanadispensary.com, also known as Weed Maps. (More on Techland: There’s an Android App That Replies To Texts While You Drive)

The company provides a valuable public service by texting information about medicinal dispensaries and reviews in legal areas. T-Mobile wasn’t pleased that they became the middle man and set up a blockade on Sept. 10 to stop their subscribers from signing up for the service.zs

Ez Texting is now suing T-Mobile claiming censoring any messages are illegal. They had even pulled all their advertising as soon as they found out that T-Mobile objected to the service, but the phone company still went on with the blockade.

This isn’t the first time censorship has happened: Verizon also prevented an abortion rights group from sending messages to people interested in their cause. The decision was eventually reversed without going to court.