Cool Flip-Out iPhone Keyboard Coming in November

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If you still haven’t gotten used to using the iPhone’s on-screen keyboard, ThinkGeek has developed a very attractive $50 flip-out Bluetooth keyboard that doubles as a protective case.

The TK-421, as it’s being called, will be available around November 23rd for both the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4—iPhone 3G owners are out of luck.

The keyboard features its own rechargeable battery, so it doesn’t plug into or leech power from your phone’s dock connector. The flip-out clasp is magnetic to keep the keyboard from flopping around.


Looks pretty cool, no? And the price isn’t outrageous, either. It’ll work with any app that typically uses the phone’s onscreen keyboard, though you’ll probably find it can’t be used for games unless the respective developers specifically build support for Bluetooth keyboards into the games themselves.

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