Is Walking Dead About To Go Day And Date?

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Here’s something potentially interesting: iFanboy has noticed that the most recent issue of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead was released on the same day, at the same price point, in both digital and print versions. Not surprisingly, that leads to the question, is this a new ongoing thing, or a mistake?

Given the lack of fanfare about this move, I have to side with the latter, but also wonder if it’s a quiet trial balloon to see how audiences react. Day-and-date digital releases are something that comic publishers have only flirted with so far, with DC’s Justice League: Generation Lost sharing a price point with the print version and Marvel’s digital Invincible Iron Man Annual being more expensive than print, so there’s nothing too revolutionary about Kirkman choosing this route – but, with the television series based on the comic launching next month, this would be a good time to do whatever it takes to make the comic available on as many platforms and to as many people as possible. Even if this was a mistake, perhaps we should expect an announcement soon…

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