New Trailer for Harry Potter Shows The Finale is Nigh

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We’re getting a little emotional that the first part of the end of Harry Potter is coming. Although November is still far, we didn’t like it when we had to come to the last page of the epic saga… actually, that might be because we thought the epilogue was entirely unnecessary. We’re going to like it less when there’s few new things for Harry Potter fans to look forward to.

The Harry Potter books had as many loose plot threads as LOST (Wait, what exactly did Harry’s parents do that Voldemort wanted them? Where do the professors’ live during the school year? Dumbledore was gay?). But, we still don’t think it warrants a prequel – since we all know that prequels can go so wrong – so we’ve come to terms with having to say goodbye. Does the new trailer, which shows a darker-themed Harry Potter movie, make you excited or sad that it’s going to end?