Verizon: Tiered Data Plans, No iPhone

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Speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference today, Verizon Communications CEO Ivan Seidenberg told investors that Verizon has no plans to carry the iPhone in the near future and that Verizon may roll out tiered data pricing in the coming months.

“We don’t feel like we have an iPhone deficit. We would love to carry it when we get there, but we have to earn it. I think 4G will accelerate the process, and any other decisions Apple makes would be fine with us,” said Seidenberg. “Hopefully, at some point Apple will get with the program.”

While there are no direct quotes that we’ve seen from Seidenberg about tiered pricing, the WSJ reports that Verizon Wireless may soon roll out tiered data plans “over the next four to six months.”

[via AP]