MLB iPhone App Delivers Food Right to Your Seat

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Oh, to be a Phillies fan. The team may very well make the playoffs this year but even better, iPhone owners at Philadelphia’s Citizens Bank Park can now order food right to their seats using’s free Fan Direct app.

The stadium has apparently been running trials of the service since Monday, and is expected to officially unveil it this weekend, according to PC World. Most food items are on the menu, and early reports indicate that it takes about ten minutes to get your order delivered to your seat. Beer is NOT available, which is unfortunate, but that may be more of a legal issue than anything else, seeing that you can’t really card someone remotely.

For the rest of this season and possibly into the playoffs—assuming the Phillies make the playoffs—the service will be available only at Citizens Bank Park, though if it catches on, it may be rolled out to other stadiums next year.

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