Will Human Centipede 2 Be The “Sickest Movie Of All Time”?

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In college I wrote this paper about our society’s growing fascination with torture porn and fake snuff films. I watched the worst of the lot, including the Guinea Pig films, Cannibal Holocaust and August Underground, for research. My professor, who probably thought I was crazy, gave me a B on the paper, commenting that although it was well written she didn’t think that people actually sought these films out to watch them.

If Human Centipede had been released at the time I was writing my paper, I would have shown her the press and large fan following that film got, proven to her that these films are getting attention, and probably received my A. (On the other hand, she might have decided to drop me from the class instead of giving me a better grade. She was already concerned about my taste in films.)

If you haven’t heard of Human Centipede, you just need to read Roger Ebert’s no-star review to realize 1) this film is absolutely disgusting and 2) it got enough press to get one of the best film critics of our time to give it a review.

While the first one was 100 percent medically accurate (which has made me doubt the Dutch health care system), this trailer, which was released today,  is apparently 100 percent medically inaccurate, allowing director Tom Six to go to town and create “the sickest movie of all time.” In another interview, he said the first one will be like My Little Pony compared to the sequel. The new movie is supposed to follow a completely original storyline, and showing the human centipede in the trailer would give away part of the surprise, so they nixed it.

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Ignoring the blood and the fashionably-offensive hat, the trailer is pretty tame and will probably garner less controversy than Katy Perry’s recent Sesame Street shenanigans. It shows the villain Martin with his face covered, but promises he’ll be equally as offensive as the doctor in the first installment.

For a movie that promises to be over-the-top with gratuitous violence, I can’t think of anything that will be worse than the first plot- well, except that there’s 12 people involved, and they are going to be attached together in some fashion. The first one was more suggestive than graphic, but I’ve always been a strong believer that your imagination can be much worse than anything actually visualized on screen. So, just throwing in more gore and fecal matter won’t make it more gross in my opinion. But once the shock value is gone from realizing the premise of how a human centipede is supposed to work, is  the “sickest” thing that we experience the fact that we’re going to be subjected to this same old story again?