Nyko: “All Our Controllers Will Work With New PS3 Update”

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Last week, Sony sent out a consumer alert about fake PS3 controllers. Shortly thereafter, reports that the recent 3.50 firmware update would render some third-part game controllers unusable.

Kotaku’s reported that accessories manufacturer Mad Catz has come up with three older PS3 controller models that will no longer work with the PS3 after the updated. Techland reached out to Nyko, a company that also makes accessories for the major gaming consoles, and Chris Arbogast, their Director of Marketing issued the following statement:

“We have tested all of our past and present PS3 USB products and can confirm that this firmware issue does not affect any of┬áNyko’s products.”

It’s not clear that Sony’s controller lock-out is accidental or intentional, but we’ll keep you posted to see if any other third-party peripherals are affected by the issue.