LiveView 1.3-inch Bluetooth Display for Android Phones

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The Sony Ericsson LiveView is a 1.3-inch Bluetooth-enabled display that acts as an extension of your Android phone’s screen. You install a special app on your Android 2.0-or-higher handset and clip the LiveView display to your clothes or snap it into the included wristband to wear it like a watch.

You can then use the display to read messages, control music playback, and show caller ID information without removing your phone from your pocket or bag. Check out the demo video below:

This thing probably won’t occupy too much middle ground between people who think it’s a good idea and people who think it’s ridiculous. It might be able to gain some traction with people trying to use tablets like the Dell Streak and the Samsung Galaxy Tab as smartphone replacements.

The price hasn’t been set yet, though Sony Ericsson says it’ll be available by the end of the year. There’s no US product page, either, which may indicate that we’ll never see it here anyway.

[via Engadget]

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