Back To The Future Director Returns To Live-Action With Time-Travel…& Superman?

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After seeming stuck in a CGI rut with movies like The Polar Express, Beowulf and A Christmas Carol, director Robert Zemeckis is returning to live-action movies with his next project – and it’s also a return to a genre that’s been very good to him: time travel. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Zemeckis will direct Timeless, a movie that’s described as “big tent pole picture” centered around time travel, written by Mike Thompson. Zemeckis will act as producer on the movie, for Warner Bros.

Potentially more interestingly, Zemeckis has also suddenly become a much-rumored candidate for Superman director, according to The Wrap – He certainly sounds like a better bet for Warners than any of the names that’ve been floating around recently, having had previous massive successes, headed up a successful SF movie franchise in the past with Back To The Future, but being family-friendly, effects-friendly and (depressingly, probably most importantly), studio-friendly enough for this kind of movie. We are due a Superman-movie-related announcement sometime soon, after all…

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