Foursquare and HealthMonth Partner To Bring Users Badges

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Foursquare announced today that they’re partnering with HealthMonth, an app that helps you set resolution type goals and reminds you to keep them. Now with the aid of the social media tool, you can compare goals with friends and earn badges once you reach your goal. Instead of having to brag about how you’ve channeled your inner energy, all your friends on Foursquare will be able to see that you finally completed your goal of meditating two times a day when you check in.

It seems that this partnership could potentially motivate people to lie. Think about it: You could easily say you stuck to two alcoholic drinks a week on HeathMonth and Foursquare. You finally get your friends off your back who keep asking you about your drinking problem without having to actually physically show them you aren’t sipping G&Ts anymore, AND you can beat them in the Foursquare badge race. It’s a win-win situation (except for your liver and possibly your self-respect).

On the other hand, most people are probably going to be honest and ruin all the cheating fun.