Tom Hanks To Invade The Web With Electric City?

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Tom Hanks is no stranger to technological advances in entertainment, having provided voices for Pixar’s Toy Story movies and Robert Zemeckis’ creepy CGI Polar Express, but his new project sounds like a whole ‘nother thing altogether. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Hanks’ Playtone production company is working on something called Electric City, described as a “multi-platform digital experience” about a world so starved of power resources that all electricity gets turned off as soon as it gets dark, leading to various nefarious goings-on when the lights go out. The project will apparently include an animated web series, mobile application and MMORPG all set in the Sin City-like world. Hopefully, the comparison to Sin City means “cool and noirish” and not “shot through with Frank Miller’s freaky misogyny and to be made into a movie starring Mickey Rourke.”

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