Ultimate Gamer 2’s Rachel and Justin on the Trials of the Gauntlet

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For those of you who said there was too much drama going on in the WCG Ultimate Gamer 2 house, this week it was strictly gaming – with some added twists, of course.

The Gauntlet is a series of video games that the remaining six contestants had to compete in. Each gamer who came in last place during each video game round ended up getting eliminated.

The contestants entered a warehouse. The first challenge was in a dark room with a spotlight highlighting a Pacman arcade machine. All the contestants looked shocked when they stepped up to the classic game, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Jake Pfister had the advantage after winning a mini-challenge by getting the highest score in the house on Invincible Tiger 3D. He won a mysterious blue box, which had two quarters inside to play PacMan twice. (All the other players got a black box containing a single quarter.)

Alas, we had to say goodbye to Rachel Quirico. Kat Gunn edged her out of last place. It was something that could be predicted, since as soon as Quirico entered the Pacman challenge she said, “There’s nothing that scares me more than Pacman.” Though she had tears in her eyes right after the challenge when being interviewed about her exit, she seemed positive looking back at the experience weeks later. “I tend to favor Mrs. Pacman,” she said. “I really got myself trapped in the corners.”

“As I was being told it’s down to me and Kat, I didn’t want to be the one to knock Kat out,” Quirico said, adding that she’s rooting for Gunn to win. “She’s got the skills. She’s been to Samsung stadium three times. She’s proven that she’s good at 100 different games. She does it all as a girl and not a wussy girl. She doesn’t roll over or bat her eyelashes.”

However, she was happy to go home. Still covered in bruises from the paint balls from the Battlefield Bad Company 2 real life challenge, she said the first thing she did when she went home to New Jersey was get on Twitter.

“I got home, I got on Twitter, I got on Xbox and I passed out,” she said laughing. “I missed my computer, and I missed the internet.”

She’ll always remember winning the Battlefield Bad Company 2 isolation challenge as the best moment in the competition.

“I was really proud of how we did because it was (mostly) all-girl gaming,” she said. Her team consisted of Faye Mata, Gunn and Yaz Ammari. “All girl gaming is my platform.”

“If I could change one thing, I would have played more Pacman,” Quirico admitted. “I am not a huge Pacman fan it gives me more anxiety than the more (violent) games I play. All you can do is runaway from ghosts. It freezes my heart to play that game.”

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