Not the Clones You’re Looking For: New Trailer for The Force Unleashed II

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Starkiller–Darth Vader’s secret apprentice-turned-Rebel Alliance founder–isn’t just returning once in The Force Unleashed II. The ultra-powerful Force wielder’s coming back over and over again in the sequel’s new teaser clip. The big mystery has been how are fans getting to play as Starkiller yet again, when the canonical ending of the first game has him dying? The answer is clones. Lots and lots of clones.

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Aside from the story beats that the trailer reveals–like the return of Jedi Master Kota and the plot point he reveals–it’s full of insanely, over-the-top action. Taking out the legs of an AT-ST with a dual lightsaber throw? Wrestling a TIE fighter out of the sky with his bare hands? October 26th can’t get here fast enough.