Dark Horse To Up Movie And TV Comics, Digital Exclusives In 2011

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Looks like Dark Horse Comics will be pushing their licensed comics hard next year. Bleeding Cool is reporting that the publisher will be significantly increasing both their Buffy and Star Wars lines in 2011, with the latter launching a new series every month for the entire year (This report has been denied by Dark Horse’s Randy Stradley, who told EUCantina.net “At best, my proposed schedule had eight new Star Wars series (and “new” includes the next arcs of existing series like Star Wars: Invasion and Dark Times) total. Spread across the year.”) and the former being expanded from one title to two core series (Buffy and Angel) with additional titles being added as the year continues for a core of four Buffy-related titles each month. Additionally, the publisher plans to launch a comic based on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, written by writers from the canceled television series.

Both announcements were made during a breakfast meeting held for comic retailers by Diamond Distributors ahead of the opening of today’s New York Comic-Con, where Dark Horse also explained – slightly – this tweet from this morning; the publisher plans a line of digital-only releases that will only be available for purchase at comic stores. Quite how this will work wasn’t explained, but the aim was to strengthen the publisher’s relationship with both the direct and digital markets. Developing, as they say.

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