Is AT&T’s U-Verse Coming to the Xbox 360 Next Week?

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Engadget‘s reporting that AT&T’s content-delivery service will be landing on Microsoft’s game console as soon as next month. The telecom giant’s fiber-optic initiative has won accolades for its functionality and interface but U-Verse is only in available in 22 states as of now. Supposedly, a dashboard app compatible with the new Xbox 360 firmware will let you use the console in the exact same way that you use a standard set-top box. Wonder if this will include the Multiview multiple channel browsing or the four-shows-at-a-time DVR recording that AT&T brags about for U-Verse?

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Live TV streams coming directly to the 360 have always been part of the masterplan Microsoft’s had for the 360 and promises of a U-Verse partnership were first floated three years ago. After this long wait,  it might finally be happening. There is, of course, a catch. Leaked slides indicate that you’ll need a hard drive-enabled Xbox for compatibility with U-Verse. If the buzz about all this is true, such a development would mark a radical shift for IPTV content delivery, since they usually lock users into their own pre-selected hardware. The partnership would be a good look for Microsoft, too, since it might make the idea of Xbox-360-hardware-as-cable-box attractive to other potential partners, too. And, if there’s interoperability with the U-Verse mobile apps, then you could be gloriously connected to your DVR wherever you are.

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