#NYCC Rolling Diary

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New York Comic-Con 2010 is underway and the Hive Mind is swarming the Javits Center culling the floors for the coolest and neatest things. Check back throughout the weekend to see what you’re missing.

OH: “The opening ceremony? Is that where they shoot Stan Lee out of a cannon?”

Public Service Announcement: Apparently they printed out all the physical schedules a month in advance so not all the events are listed (or in the right place). It’s pretty accurate for the most part, but for the up to date schedule, check the website.

It may have been years since James Marsters played Spike on Buffy and Angel, but fans still lined up to get an autograph and a picture with the vampire.

The only thing that draws a crowd more than the prospect of buying an exclusive is a free giveaway. Marvel gave away many things including a Brian Williams-signed Spideman comic to the person who knew Spideman’s uncle’s real name.

Got Okami?

Free Hugs

Mommy, can I Have One Please?

Hulk’s Undies

The Lanyarded One Plus One (Peter Ha and Aaron Colter from Dark Horse Comics)

The Hulk brought his grandma to Comic-Con. “I’m afraid he’s going to dehydrate,” she said. Her grandson was sweating off all his makeup due to the thick insulation of his costume. Kids these days grow up so fast.

The Marvel Video Game Panel revealed the latest playable characters in Marvel vs Capcom. The may have leaked last night but we got to see the first videos this morning.

The first new character is MODOK.

The last announcement Marvel made in the panel was that the classic X-Men arcade game is going to be released on Xbox Live and the Playstation Network.

The other new character from Marvel is Magneto.


“22 people in audience for “Red” panel, including me and the AV guy. This movie is going to BOMB, I suspect.”

DCUO game panel is at & over capacity. DCUO character creation video looks freaking amazing. Every era of DC history is represented by the costume choices you make.

If you check in on foursquare you can get tons of swag, like green lantern rings from DC.

Nerdy want comic con edition: Sereni Teas, teas inspired by the show Firefly. Try the Assam melody and chestnuts influenced Jayne or Earth that Was, which has ginseng green, chamomile and kukicha.

They actually sold out the Javitz Center on Saturday. I heard estimates that they capped attendance at about 120,000 people. Crazy, crazy day. Impossible to get anywhere…oy.

Lou Ferrigno, the original Hulk

Ash aka Bruce Campbell

Tricia Helfer

The Joker gets a helping hand

The Minori Chihara fan club and their color-coded synchronized glow stick waving. (One of these guys elbowed me in the head when he was jumping up and down…ugh.)

Madness. Chaos. Awesome.

Always a long line at Amanda Conner’s table.

DC Digital panel is like a third full. Energy level = low.

Blue & Gold


Scott and Ramona

Rick Whitelock from New Force Comics and Collectables had a very successful weekend. His top seller at Comic Con was this Issue #1 of Marvel Comics for $87,000.