New Art and Screens for Batman: Arkham City

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Courtesy of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, we’ve got a look at the hotly-anticipated Bat-sequel due in 2011. The screens below seem to show off some of the new moves and abilities reported elsewhere, including a flying/gliding mechanic and a double takedown.

The lowdown on the game’s plot is that Quincy Sharpe–the asylum warden of the last game–has been elected mayor of Gotham City and chooses to deal with the burg’s crime problem by throwing all of the city’s criminals into a massive ghetto. The thugs align themselves with supervillains like Mister Freeze, Two-Face and the Penguin but the Joker’s been mysteriously absent. Catwoman’s been confirmed to be in the game, too, and rumor has it that she’ll be a playable co-op character.

We’ll probably get more details on all of this soon. Batman: Arkham City comes out in the fall of 2011.