Top Ten Monday Tech Deals

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It’s Monday! Time for some handpicked gadget deals.

Wii Console with Wii Sports Resort: $174.99 (Amazon)

51itIG2tGZL._AA300_This package sells for around $200 just about everywhere else. Amazon is selling it for $175. Thanks to the magic of mathematics, we can deduce that to be roughly $25 in savings. It’s available in white or black to match your rumpus room’s décor.

Garmin nuvi GPS with speech recognition: $98, today only (Walmart)

0075375909128_150X150You can boss this GPS system around with your own voice for under $100. The deal’s good today only, though.

The Garmin nuvi 855 features a 4.3-inch touchscreen, steering wheel remote, FM transmitter, and lane guidance.

Western Digital 500GB laptop drive: $49.99, today only (Newegg)

22-136-314-S01Set your love for making complex spreadsheets ablaze with 500 gigabytes worth of portable storage. Use coupon code EMCZYYS42 to knock $10 off the price of this spacious Western Digital hard drive. Deal ends today.

Iomega 1TB desktop external hard drive: $59.99 (Staples)

s0360455_sc7Set your love for making even more complex spreadsheets even more ablaze while not ever leaving the house with this one-terabyte desktop external hard drive. Man, you must really love spreadsheets.

Sharp Aquos 32-inch HDTV: $329.99 (Dell)

A2542811Normally priced at $450, simply add this 32-inch TV to your cart and watch the price fall to $330. It’s got three HDMI ports and 720p resolution.

Free shipping, too.

Logitech Z-2300 THX 2.1 speaker system: $89.99, today only (Amazon)

41QPWH9EWWL._SL500_AA300_Amazon knocks $25 off the THX-certified Z-2300 speaker system with subwoofer from Logitech. You’ve got 200 watts at your disposal, so it ought to get plenty loud.

The deal is good today only.

Skype 400 free minutes to landlines all over the world (Skype)

skypeSkype wishes itself a happy 7th birthday by giving away 400 minutes of free calls to its 34 most popular countries around the world. There aren’t too many other 7-year-olds who give away free long distance calls. Most of them are like, “Gimme, gimme, gimme! It’s MY birthday!”

HP Deskjet D1660 printer: $19.99 (

cb770a_150Now how in the world does HP expect to make any money by selling its printers for $20? Oh, right. Ink cartridges. The 440-page tri-color cartridge costs more than twice what the entire printer costs when ordered directly from HP. Touché, HP.

Dell 1320c color laser printer: $149.99 (MacMall)

8211431_lgNow THAT’s a printer. Remember when color laser printers used to cost more than a kidney?

This one’s $150 after a $50 mail-in rebate—mail-in rebates being only slightly less painful than kidney removal, coincidentally.

Refurbished Sony touchscreen e-book reader: $95.99 (Sony)

545859_sk_lgSony’s refurbished 6-inch touchscreen e-book reader is normally priced at $120, but drops to $96 once you begin the checkout process.

The refurbished 5-inch model can be had for $80, too.

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