Alan Moore To Write Movie, TV Spin-Off?

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As rumors start to fly about Alan Moore, famous for taking his name off movie adaptations of his Watchmen, From Hell and V For Vendetta, writing not just an original movie but also a potential television spin-off, the question may seem to be, has he finally sold out to the Hollywood Machine? But it seems that the truth is far more complex – and more amusing, too.

Bleeding Cool has a report from a recent public appearance from Moore, in which he told an audience that a script for a short movie made by a friend, Mitch Jenkins, called “Jimmy’s End,” has attracted attention from British indie production company Warp Films, who wanted to fund a feature-length version of the story… and then suggested something more:

These discussions grew to accommodate the idea of spinning off a TV series from the film, in the manner of This is England ’86. Moore said that initially he’d been dubious about how the story could be extended in this way but had now figured out a longer ongoing narrative.

Laconically, he described the premise. The story concerns a Northampton writer and occultist who is trying to take over the dreamtime of everyone in the Boroughs, before extending his influence over the country and then the world. Amidst chuckles from the crowd, Moore insisted that the series would expose his megalomaniacal tendencies once and for all!

It sounds as much like a mix of recent projects like Voice Of The Fire and The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic, with a large amount of tongue-in-cheek recognition of his own reputation included… and more interesting than everything else he’s been doing for a long time. Here’s hoping it comes to fruition.

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