Cameron Goes Weightless To Promote Science

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Apparently, the sky really is the limit when it comes to the lengths James Cameron will go to in order to promote both scientific innovation and Avatar‘s upcoming Blu-ray collectors’ edition box set. Cameron was amongst 30 individuals on a special flight of the Zero G Experience this past Saturday that auctioned off not only the chance to meet Cameron, but also the chance to experience the kind of weightless flight training that NASA astronauts undergo, to raise money for the X Prize Foundation.

Amongst those accompanying the director on the flight were Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment – and X Prize Foundation trustee – Jim Gianopulos, X Prize Chairman and CEO Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, and the winners of the eBay auction, which raised $210,000 for the foundation (20 additional seats were sold for $15,000 each). In a statement following the flight,  Cameron said,

The X Prize Foundation helps to set and incentivize audacious and worthy target. If Avatar has created heightened interest on the importance of caring for our environment, science exploration and the potential for groundbreaking innovation then we have succeeded.

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