Six Things You Didn’t Know You Wanted To Know About Team Venture

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We caught up with the two and only Jackson Public and Doc Hammer at New York Comic Con, who spilled about season four – part one of The Venture Bros. Here’s some background information on the characters and plot that probably could have gone unsaid, but you were curious about anyway.

They Really Love Shore Leave So He’s Not Going Anywhere

“The obsession is he’s awesome, and we want you to love him also,” said Doc Hammer. “I did a sock puppet thing for cable access with a sassy voice. It became a voice I could speak easily in. I am not good at voices, and that one was really difficult.”

The Special Thing About the Christmas Special  Is…

There is no Christmas Special.

“You can anticipate no references to Christmas,” Doc Hammer said.

Instead, it’s going to be the last episode of this part of season four.

“It’s the season finale, and it’s an hour long,” Jackson Public added. “There’s a prom… Some resolution to stuff you forgot we didn’t resolve. Stuff we haven’t all season that people were asking about last year.”

“We bring some stuff back up and then close up again, and also probably the most beeps you’ll have to endure on Adult Swim,” added Hammer.

“The bluest we ever went, linguistically,” echoed Public.

The Reason Why This Season Is Split Is Because They Were Lazy

Hammer and Public were both brutally honesty and admitted the reason why  this season Venture Bros. is a two parter is because they ran out of time to draw the whole season on time. “It’s the only way we could justify stopping at eight when we went, ‘Ugh, we got no more,” Public admitted. “You got to make this stop tomorrow. How about we you do eight more (in the second part) instead of five (this season)? We were supposed to do 13 episodes (in a row).”

As for the next season, which was not planned for initially, there’s nothing confirmed. “There’s no season five yet,” said Public. He told Techland that the only reason why there wouldn’t be a next season is if both Hammer and Public decide they don’t want to go on with the show. They’re still deciding.

They Love All the Characters Except Dean

“I love every one of them,” said Hammer.

“Except Dean,” Public asserted.

“Yeah, Dean could die,” Hammer agreed laughing. “Dean and Brock, he sucks right? Just kidding, Brock’s awesome. We love all of them. There are voices we enjoy doing better because they’re easier to do. Like 21, it’s not a voice, it’s just me pushing excitement I could do him all day.”

“Monarch is really fun for me,” Public said, adding that Doctor Girlfriend makes Hammer cough.

They Like the Action Figures From the Show, Although They Had A Hard Time Deciding About the Design

Hammer admitted that they went back and forth on Phantom Limb. He wanted the character just to be a torso in a box. “Just loose in a box, so your parents could be like, ‘What the **** is that?’ ‘That’s how he comes Mom!’… ‘It’s crap already, Mom! The dog doesn’t have to do this.'”

Despite the Flack They’ve Got About Sergeant Hatred, They’re Keeping Him

The ex-pedophile superhero was created because of a reference in an earlier episode about a bad touch from a character, Hammer  explained. “The first reference he was ‘Bad Touch,’ that’s baggage we brought with us. He’s through with recovery, he is an ex-pedophile, and in this cartoon world where there can be ex-pedophiles, you can kind of deal with it. You have to forgive him. We forgave him. Maybe he touched a cartoon fake kid? I don’t know, we haven’t really talked about it. Hank said there was a bad touch involved. We haven’t said anything.”

“We just like him as a guy as a super-enthusiastic boob,” Public said. “Instead of being like Brock whose blah about everything, he just became right for the guy who’s like, ‘Yes! Let’s get in the submarine!’ That’s how we write him, and then we remember he’s an ex-pedophile, and it comes up once in a while – some say too much.”

Surprisingly, besides some Internet discussion about the taste level of bring in a controversial character, they haven’t got complaints from any groups. “Nobody cared,” Public said. “Three years from now that’s probably what will happen. Somebody will rediscover it in a different political climate, and it will become a problem like the South Park Mohammed thing. They forgot they drew him.”

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