Spielberg’s Terra Nova: That’s An Expensive Bet Right There

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How much does Fox really, really want their new Steven Spielberg-produced time-travel drama Terra Nova to be a hit? Let’s just say enough to have spent $10 million on it before filming has even started. The Wrap is reporting that there are concerns amongst those involved with the series that the pilot could cost as much as $20 million, making the show a very high profile gamble for the network – and one that may be doomed to failure, considering the recent departure of showrunner David Fury, leading to rumors of a troubled production that’s getting closer and closer to being out of control (One of the Wrap’s (anonymous, of course) sources is quoted as calling the production “a debacle”).

The show, already given a 13 episode order by Fox, is set to start shooting in Australia this month, for a May preview and a fall 2011 official start. If things are as bad as have been hinted, expect to hear news very soon about a change in those details…

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