Apple Patents Parental Controls for Sexting

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With the wave of recent sexting scandals making headlines, parents have become concerned that their text-happy children might be getting into some adult behavior with repercussions they don’t understand. Apple thinks they might have the solution to this new age problem.

The US Patent and Trademark Office approved a patent that Apple filed in 2008 for an anti-sexting monitor for cell phones. Kind of like the V-Chip but for texting, children who have this function installed on their phones will not be able to send any objectionable language. The application will see if the words are age-appropriate for the user as determined by the administrator. If the text is too risque it can alert the administrator, the user or any other designated individual – plus ask the texter to remove the offensive words or just automatically remove it altogether. (More on Techland: Ten Apps That Break Apple’s App Store Guidelines)

Clever kids will just work around it and use acronyms that are impossible to decipher, but at least there is a deterrent out there to remind them that this content can lead to grave consequences.  Yes, some teens will be outraged and claim their right to free speech has been trampled on, but when the alternative is a law suit, school suspension and the degradation of someone’s character this isn’t a bad trade as long as parents don’t have the right to control and read all of their child’s communications.

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