DC Movie Round-Up: No Justice League, GL And Flash Scripts By Christmas

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If Geoff Johns is promising “at least” one DC superhero movie a year following the release of next year’s Green Lantern, what movies will fulfill that demand? We know that Warners/DC Entertainment is already working on a third Chris Nolan-directed Batman movie, and that Zack Snyder will be directing a new Superman movie, and now rumor comes that scripts for both Green Lantern 2 and The Flash will be ready by the holiday season, suggesting that Warners may be planning on building its superhero brands, but doing by slowly rolling out “new” (to movie audiences, at least) characters. That’s not the only way that DC Entertainment will differ from Marvel Comics’ movie plans; Johns told the audience at New York Comic-Con that they shouldn’t be expecting a Justice League movie uniting the characters anytime soon, saying that he thinks there’s more value in letting the characters be built up separately that “smashing them together” in one movie. There go my dreams of a Blackest Night movie, I guess…

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