Facebook Finally To Create A Dislike Function… Sort Of

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The moment you have been waiting for has arrived: You can finally show your disapproval for your friend’s posts. No more comments of “I dislike this” or liking something but really meaning you are commiserating with the person.

It’s not so clear cut though. Now you can rate a status up or down, and a percentage of how many people like the post will show up, according to All Facebook. They also included a nifty screen grab of what the new features look like as well. (I haven’t seen it on my profile yet, but reportedly some people are already seeing these changes.)

The other new features reportedly are:

– Just like Twitter, each commenter’s post can include their location, their school, their company or whatever information they put on their public profile.

– Comments can be threaded! So now when you reply to a comment within a comment, you don’t have to put the @ sign so they know you are referring to them.

– The percentage liked and number of comments will be right next to each other, which is just a slight layout difference from now. Currently, it shows how many people gave feedback, and under that, how many people liked it.

For some reason, this announcement is way bigger than the much-anticipated announcement last week, which just revealed you can download your Facebook profile and they were implementing Facebook Groups – which is what people were already using the groups function for anyway. These new changes are something I definitely like.

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