TiVo Rolls Out Online Season Pass Management

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TiVo subscribers looking for a more streamlined way to manage their Season Pass shows can now do so via TiVo’s website.

According to the press release:

“For years, TiVo has allowed customers to remotely schedule recordings and set up Season Passes from tivo.com. With this updated tool TiVo subscribers can now also reprioritize or delete Season Passes on tivo.com, so that they have more control over their TV than ever. Customers can also transfer a Season Pass recording from one broadband-connected TiVo box to another box on their TiVo account making the addition of new TiVo DVRs or the transition from one TiVo DVR to another even easier.”

The new feature is available for any connected TiVo model (Premiere, Series 3, HD, and Series 2) at www.tivo.com/spm although it looks like it hasn’t quite been switched on yet. I’m getting a message saying “Please check in later today for access to this new feature.”

Oh I will, TiVo. You haven’t seen the last of me.