The Bergman Files: Ten of the Best Visions of the Post Apocalypse

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[Editor’s note: For the next week or so, we’ll be running a series of posts from Jason Bergman, senior producer at Bethesda Softworks. Jason’s a nice guy and an unique game industry figure because he’s worked as a journalist, a publicist and has been on the developer side for a few years now. He’ll be gracing Techland with his wit and wisdom about everything from breaking into games to behind-the-scenes glimpses of the making of Fallout: New Vegas. We’re super-glad to have him on board and think you’ll enjoy his insights.]

If you’re not familiar with the post-apocalypse, here are ten very different looks at what happens after the fall of humanity. I’ve put comics, books, television shows and games on here, so whatever your preferred medium, there’s sure  to be something here for you.

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A quick disclaimer: I’ve left off Mad Max, because everyone puts Mad Max on these lists. And for good reason! Mad Max, along with The Road Warrior and the cheezetastic Beyond Thunderdome deserve their place in post-apocalyptic history. But it’s too easy, so just assume it’s on here. Also, after reading his positive review, I’m sure Mr. Narcisse would like me to include Enslaved, but since I haven’t actually played it beyond the demo I’m not qualified to recommend it. But it does look awesome.

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I also left the Fallout series off, since it sort of goes without saying that I love those, and this article isn’t meant to be a shameless plug.

Hang on a second…


Okay, that was a shameless plug.

Anyway, what makes a good post-apocalyptic story isn’t so much the details of humanity’s fall, it’s what comes afterwards that matters. How people pick themselves up and get on with their lives, and the craziness that follows. Each of the ones I’ve chosen offers some unique look at the world after the fall, and they’re worth the effort to track down.