Exhibit A (for Awesome): Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright Game to Nintendo 3DS

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Capcom’s already announced a few unexpected crossovers this year, with Street Fighter Vs. Tekken and Tekken Vs. Street Fighter. At least those upcoming games make a sort of sense, being in the same genre and all.

The just-revealed Professor Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright title makes pretty much no sense whatsoever. Layton developer Level-5 announced the game for Nintendo’s upcoming 3D-enabled handheld at a Japanese press event and unveiled this trailer to go along with it.

The clip hints at the plot in the game, but offers no explanation how the turn-of-the-century professor and modern-day lawyer will be thrown together. And then there’s a scene in medieval times which suggest time travel may be afoot. No sign of how the two series’ different gameplay models will be meshed either.

But none of that matters. A game that’s been pulled from the wettest of fan-fic writer dreams exists and we’ll all be getting our sweaty hands on it soon-ish. Hopefully, with Capcom’s global marketing muscle, gamers outside of Japan won’t have to worry about not getting their hands on this puzzle-solving mash-up.

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