Sam Raimi To Head Triffid Movie Invasion

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A whole new generation of people will learn to be terrified of plants, now that it’s been announced that Sam Raimi will produce and may direct a movie version of John Wyndham’s 1950s science fiction novel The Day Of The Triffids. According to Deadline Hollywood, Mandate Pictures won the auction for the rights to the book yesterday with a seven-figure sum, and will be producing the film under the Ghost House banner, their production partnership with Raimi and Rob Tapert.

Triffidsone of Jason Bergman’s top 10 post-apocalyptic visions – tells the story of the people left behind after meteorites blind 99% of humanity and unleash killer plants that attack a defenseless population. Put like that, it sounds ridiculous, but as someone who saw the BBC television adaptation at an early age, I’m convinced that with the proper treatment, this could be the scariest movie ever.

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