Your Next Movie Reboot: Hellraiser

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You can’t keep a good cenobite down. Well, you probably can, considering that whole “Hell is down below” thing, but what I’m referring to is the fact that, five years after the last Hellraiser movie, Dimension Films are trying (yet again) to resurrect the horror franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer, creators of upcoming Nic Cage car porn Drive Angry 3D, are in negotiations to write (and Lussier, direct) a new Hellraiser movie that, according to the filmmakers, would “do for Hellraiser what Christopher Nolan did for Batman.” This news comes after Dimension’s attempt to lure Christian E. Christiansen to the franchise fell apart, and three months after the apparent announcement of a (seemingly unrelated?) movie called Hellraiser: Revelations. It seems that, whether or not Lussier and Farmer get the gig, Pinhead will be back on screens sooner rather than later.

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