New Voiceover and Story Trailers for TRON: Evolution

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It’s a still two whole months before we get to go back to the grid but Disney Interactive’s decided to teas us with a pair of clips for Tron: Evolution. Since the game bridges the gap between the two Tron movies, it’d be nice to have voicework by the talent from both films. Trailer no. 1 shows us exactly that, with Bruce Boxleitner reprising his role as Alan Bradley and the leads of the upcoming Tron: Legacy talking about the upcoming game.

Clip no. 2 sets up the game’s story with a mysterious assailant gunning for Flynn, only to have the title’s player-controlled hero Anon show up to ward him off.

You’ll get your chance to de-rez fools and make ninety-degree turns when Tron: Evolution comes out in December.

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