Top Ten Monday Tech Deals

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It’s Monday! Time for some handpicked gadget deals.

Apple 11.6-inch MacBook Air: $979 (MacMall)

8233497_lgIf you’ve been drooling over the recently-released 11.6-inch MacBook Air but insist on waiting for its $999 price to drop, it already has. Not a whole lot, but $20 is $20, and it features free shipping and no tax, which could actually be a pretty good deal depending where you live.

Asus 8.9-inch T91 touchscreen netbook: $279.99 (

41Joj4QiUzL._SL500_AA300_This thing came out at around $500, if memory serves. It’s got netbook guts and a swivel-around touchscreen good for tablet-specific endeavors.

The whole shebang weighs in at just a smidge over two pounds and measures an inch thick, too.

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