Rumor PaTroll: Indiana Jones To Receive 3D Conversion? Nope!

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Update: We just heard back from Lucasfilms, who told us that this was untrue.

“This is completely false. Right now, we are totally focused on bringing Star Wars to 3D, and we have no plans to do an Indiana Jones conversion,” said a Lucasfilm representative.

Sources are saying George Lucas will be taking advantage of the press he’s getting for converting the Star Wars films to 3D to announce his next big project: Tackling the Indiana Jones saga.

According to Blue Sky Disney, Lucasfilm will announce next month that they will also be releasing the Indiana Jones films in 3D as well. The trilogy (and that other film we don’t acknowledge) will be completed in order, with Raiders of the Lost Ark the first one to be served up. Now, we’re typically skeptical of films that are converted, but hopefully Lucasfilm will give this project the care it deserves. Seeing that rolling ball go after Indy was a nail-biting moment in most of our lives; seeing it in 3D can give it a whole new perspective. Let’s hope that Lucasfilm is not just releasing stuff for the sake of releasing stuff… not that they’ve ever done that before. (More on TechlandDear Mr. Lucas: Indy 5? Really? You’re Serious? Another One?)

We contacted Lucasfilm, but as of this time have yet to receive a response. We hope to keep you posted, stay tuned!

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