Today’s Twitter Theater: Back To The Future In 140 Characters

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If you’re looking for Twitter to provide you with a reason for its continued existence today, you could do worse than the Twitter reenactment of Back To The Future that’s happening at 5pm EST today. Yes, if you’re following all of the characters from the movie on Twitter, then you too can get 140-character updates as if the movie was happening right now (which is, admittedly, an odd concept for a time-travel movie).

The reenactment isn’t just because of the release of the trilogy on Blu-Ray today; it’s part of the 25th anniversary celebrations organized by We’re Going Back…, a fan-based group who’ve created a week-long event based around the BTTF movies with all proceeds going to Team Fox, Michael J. Fox’s charity for Parkinson’s disease research. If we can’t all learn how to hoverboard (No, seriously, that’s what they’re doing on November 8th), then we can at least pretend that Marty, Doc, George and even Jennifer are our online buddies, right…?

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