Uncharted Sequel Leaked?

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As with all blockbuster media franchises, once something makes money, further iterations get the go-ahead to exist. So it is with Resident Evil movies and so it is with Uncharted video games. When you know something’s already going to happen, the real tension comes from waiting.

That wait may be over for news on Uncharted 3. A recent leak popped up at British site CVG, after Amazon France created a listing for a game called Uncharted 3: World of Deceit. The listing popped up after a graphic designer posted images that look a whole hell of a lot like level work-ups for a new Nathan Drake game.

Who knows if these screens are really glimpses of Naughty Dog’s next globe-trotting adventure? But, hopefully, they mean that a new Uncharted game is only a short time away.