New MySpace Design to Feature Less Eyeball Hurting

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Long overdue for a graphical overhaul, MySpace will be rolling outnew design to members between now and the end of November.

According to MySpace CEO Mike Jones:

“The new Myspace is cleaner, with a new design that puts content center stage. It’s also smarter, providing you with a personalized experience by recommending content based on your interests. And new tools like the Discovery Tab, My Stuff Tab, and ‘Right Now on Myspace’ show you what’s trending on the site and make it easier for you to save and share it.”

I haven’t been able to locate a live MySpace profile that’s gotten the new design yet, but I looked through several popular profiles until my contact lenses popped out under their own power, rolled across the floor, and burst into flames, yelling, “It was worth it! Sweet release!”

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