Oakley Releases $150 3D Glasses For TRON… Seriously?

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Don’t get me wrong I’m super excited about TRON: Legacy coming out.  I’ll buy my tickets to see the movie way before the opening date but show up hours early anyway to wait in line so I can guarantee a good seat. But, I can’t deny that they’ve been releasing some TRON themed items that just seem completely unnecessary, like the $795 TRON five-inch hooker heels. (Although, I’ve known women who’ve paid much more for uglier shoes.)

Still, the new TRON Limited Edition 3D Gascan by Oakley takes the cake.

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As much as I am anticipating this movie, there should be no reason that anyone should fork over $150 to buy  TRON-themed 3D glasses to make their viewing experience better. Even though you can reuse these glasses in any other 3D film, you’d have to watch a whole lot of  3D movies to make this purchase worth it. A 3D movie costs $14.50 in New York, and if I’m willing to pay up to $17 to have the ultimate 3D experience at each film, I’d have to watch 60 films just to make these glasses worth it. I can’t even use them in the regular world to protect me from the sun. The frames do look nice, but unless they’re willing to pop out those 3D lenses and let me put in my prescription ones, I’m keeping the credit card in my wallet.

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